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How you make your bed is how you sleep.

Sweet dreams – and you’ll definitely have them here at Hotel Diana in Seefeld in Tyrol, we promise. Thanks to our refreshingly generous selection of different pillows. Because restful sleep is a must on any dream holiday in Seefeld

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Our pillow selection

dried flowers

Mountain hay organic spelt pillow

The hay harvest was really worth it, the hay is wonderful, we were particularly pleased to notice the high share of valuable lady’s mantle. So beautiful for femininity. But there is also a lot of silver lady’s mantle and horsetail, the men’s herbs, in extremely high proportions. Really nice, naturally grown power for nature lovers. Very harmonious, fragrant and guaranteed to be from our land of mountains!

dried herbs

Millet herbal resting pillow

A relaxing herbal blend ensures the very best quality sleep. Gently nestled in organic millet husks, they unfold their delicious aroma during the night and work just for you... The magic number 7: hop cones, golden balm, rosehip seeds, St. John’s wort, marigold, betony herb and finally the high-quality lavender harmonises the carefully selected blend from the natural herb garden.

dried herbs

Relaxing herbal pillow

Filled with gently rippling, cuddly millet husks and a special blend of relaxing herbs. Maximum relaxation and therefore the best conditions for a restful sleep. Golden balm, hop cones & lavender flowers are added to the blend. The addition of valuable Swiss stone pine flakes and herbs keeps nature’s promise.

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Headache pillow

A head pillow in the truest sense of the word. Mint clears and frees the mind, is refreshing when inhaled and can therefore relieve headaches ideally. The mildly cooling ingredients of real mint leaves relieve congestion and headaches! Organic original spelt husk as a strong, supportive pillow content massages the neck muscles with every movement, which can relieve tension headaches in the long term.

wood spoon with herbs and flowers

Mountain herbs power pillow

Grown on unfertilised mountain slopes, air-dried and full of natural power. Spelt husks from Austrian organic farming with certification. The original grain endorsed by St. Hildegard von Bingen, which resists any fertilisation. Recharge your batteries while you rest, for that little power nap in between.

dried herbs in a wood spoon

Energetic pillow

You’re in demand during the day, your mind is always spinning? Lots of tension is your everyday life? Then you should replenish your energy reserves while you sleep. Or even during a nap or creative break in between. The selected energy herbs support you in this. Oats, horsetail and mint.

dried flowers

Amaranth eye mask with eyebright

Amaranth the miracle grain of the Incas with its cooling effect, enriched with eyebright. It grows almost inconspicuously in high mountain areas, its small white flowers have always been gently dried as a precious collectible and are highly valued for all kinds of eye complaints.

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